Braun Music Center and Dinkelspiel Auditorium spaces are scheduled by the Department of Music.  All non Department of Music requests must go through the University Registrar’s Office (RO) as governed by University policy.  Department of Music spaces are available for online booking to Department of Music, other University Departments and Offices, and registered Stanford Student Activities and Leadership groups on an “as available” basis, which may pertain to space or staffing availability.  The Department of Music reserves the right to reschedule events and/or activities based upon the needs of its academic activities and programs.  Please see additional policies regarding your type of organization below 

The Department of Music online calendar can be found at  You may request an account by clicking on “Create an Account” on the home page.  You must list all department and/or group affiliations when creating an account or your request will be ignored.  

Building hours

Music building hours vary, but are generally between 8 AM and 11 PM.  Requests made outside building hours will be denied.  Dinkelspiel Auditorium and Campbell Recital Hall events may fall outside of normal building hourS.

Occupancy Limits

Each space has a specific occupancy limit based on fire and public safety regulations.  There will be no exceptions made to these occupancy limitations.  Any group that fails to observe these limits will be denied future access to these facilities.

Ranked Priorities For Use

1.     Departmental and University use as required.

2.     Music classes and workshops as required supporting our academic mission.

3.     Department of Music rehearsals and performances.

4.     Lively Arts and Stanford Events activities.

5.     Department of Music student rehearsals or activities.

6.     Other University and SAL group activities deemed appropriate for the space.

General Policies

1.     Violation of policies may be cause for loss of building privileges.

2.     Policies listed here are in addition to applicable University and SAL policies.

3.     By submitting a request for Department of Music space, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by these policies.

4.     A building supervisor must be present for all events in Dinkelspiel Auditorium and Campbell Recital Hall to insure that activities are safe, properly scheduled, and that policies are followed.  The space may not be available if an appropriate supervisor is not available.

5.     Any decorations or theatrical type sets or material brought into the building must be constructed with flame retardant materials and treated with an approved flame retardant chemical.

6.     In booking a space, you must be aware of the groups using the space both before and after your event.  You will need to ensure that you have reserved sufficient time for setup and take down of your event in order to make sure that your event and participants do not intrude any group or event scheduled prior to yours, nor extend beyond the time that you have scheduled.

7.     The space used must be left clean, clear, and ready to use when you leave.

8.     In classrooms, furniture must be returned to the classroom configuration when you leave.  These are found posted on the doors of each classroom.

9.     The room must be left cleaner than you found it.

10.  Please cancel reservations that you do not intend to use as soon as you know, so others may book it.

11.  Our arrangement with the custodial contractor is to provide basic services to support our programmatic needs.  Special events, productions, or receptions require additional services that the sponsor or booking group must arrange and pay for as part of the booking process. 

12.  Food and drink are generally not permitted in Department of Music spaces.  Any event that wishes to serve food or drink must make prior arrangements with either the Technical Services Manager or the Department’s Administrative Director.

13.  At the conclusion of an event where food is served, it is the responsibility of the person booking the event to make sure that the space has been left clean and that all food has been properly disposed of.  All food and disposable serving containers that are to be disposed of shall be sealed in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster in the loading dock between Braun Music Center and Dinkelspiel Auditorium.  Food is not to be left in the building past its initial serving.

14.  The sponsor for an event is directly responsible for all direct costs incurred to support the event including, but not limited to, custodial, labor, equipment, and supervision.  All details relating to how the building will be used for the event must be agreed to in advance.  The Technical Services Manager is the department’s representative for these advance discussions.

15.  No banners, posters, or materials of any kind may be tacked, pinned, taped, or otherwise affixed onto any of the buildings’ walls, windows, or doors.  Inappropriately posted materials will be removed at the sponsor’s expense.  Chalk, markers, or paint may not be used on any of the walls, doors, or windows at any time.

16.  The Department of Music reserves the right to change booking schedules based upon the needs of the University and the Department.



Student Activities and Leadership (SAL) Volunteer Student Organizations (VSO) are eligible to use designated Music Department Space for rehearsals.  Requests for these rehearsals may be made directly to the Department of Music calendar.  Requests for rehearsals are limited to Braun 103, Braun 105, and Braun 106.  Other rooms may be made available by special prior arrangement.  Rehearsal requests may be made no more than 3 days prior to the rehearsal and may last no more than 3 hours.

To Book Dinkelspiel Auditorium or Campbell Recital Hall

1.     Requests will not be considered until after the second week of each quarter.

2.     You may browse the Music Department online calendar for available spaces, dates, and times at  If you enter a request for your event before you complete the following steps, your request will be denied.

3.     Once you have found a potential venue, date, and time please visit the SAL Mygroups website at

4.     When you have completed the steps outlined at Mygroups, have been approved by SAL, and the RO has approved your space request, you must then enter your request on the Department of Music online calendar.  If your event is not entered on the Department of Music online calendar, your event will not be approved.

5.     Once your event is on the Department of Music online calendar, holding the space and time, you will need to email the Music Department Technical Services Manager at with a list the technical needs for your event.  An estimate for the costs associated with your event will be emailed to you once this is completed.  You will need this estimate to provide the ASSU in order to obtain a Purchase Order to cover any costs associated with your event.  Equipment and services not available through the Department of Music may be ordered through Stanford Event Services.

6.     When you have received your Purchase Order from the ASSU, you will need to deliver it to the Department of Music office (Braun 101).  This must be done no later than 2 weeks prior to your event, or your event will be cancelled and removed from the calendar.

7.     You must submit a custodial order to have the auditorium cleaned following your event.  You must return a copy of the custodial order with your Purchase Order for your event to be approved.

8.     All groups are expected to provide stage support staff, house manager, ushers, and security for their events to prevent exceeding posted auditorium capacity.  Events that exceed the posted capacity or get out of control will be stopped and shut down.



Although you are encouraged to view the Department of Music online calendar first to ensure that your desired time and room are not already taken, all requests for Department of Music spaces by Stanford University Department sponsored groups should go through the Stanford University Registrar’s Scheduling Office (RSO).  RSO information can be found on their website at  If your event is approved by the RSO, you will then be expected to enter your event on the Department of Music calendar, email the Technical Services Manager your technical requirements, and provide the Department of Music with a PTA to cover expenses associated with your event.  This can be done by having the account approver email Scott Kepley at with a valid PTA.  This must be completed 2 weeks prior to your event, or your event will be cancelled and removed from the calendar.  An estimate will be emailed to the requestor once they have given the Technical Services Manager the technical requirements for your event.

All groups are expected to provide stage support staff, house manager, ushers, and security for their events to prevent exceeding posted auditorium capacity.  Events that exceed the posted capacity or get out of control will be stopped and shut down.

University Policy

Events scheduled through the Registrar's Scheduling Office require full approval by the Registrar's Scheduling Office and Stanford Events.  These events are scheduled through the University Registrar's Office according to the policies outlined on the Stanford Events web site.  Events must be consistent with the educational mission of Stanford University and intended primarily for Stanford faculty, students, staff, and or alumni.  Outside corporations and organizations must be sponsored by a Stanford school or department and comply with the policies governing their use of University facilities and services.

Many events are scheduled every year by the University Registrar's Scheduling Office.  Please keep the following practices in mind:

    Events are not scheduled until the classroom assignments are finalized for the term (i.e., after the first two weeks of each quarter); academic classes always take priority over events.

    Events cannot be scheduled until after the first two weeks of each term or during finals week.  Exceptions are made for events after 5:15 p.m. on weekdays and at any time on weekends.

Non-academic events are scheduled according to guidelines determined by the Committee on Public Events, which is sponsored by the President's Office and Stanford Events.




To use a facility on the Stanford campus, any outside group or individual must have an official on-campus sponsor.  A sponsor cannot be an individual; it must be either a University department or a student organization registered and approved by the Student Activities and Leadership (SAL).

If a University department is sponsoring you or your group, only the head of the department may give the authorization to act as your sponsor.  The department head will assign a contact person who has authority to sign forms under the department's account number.  The contact person is the one who must contact RSO (Registrar Scheduling Office) to place the request.

If a student organization is sponsoring you, the president of the group must submit your request via Student Activities and Leadership web site.

An off-campus person cannot place a request with the Registrar's Scheduling Office (RSO).  You must give details of your event to your sponsor.

Because Stanford University is a nonprofit educational institution with its assets and resources dedicated to its mission of research and education, federal and state laws as well as University practice generally prohibit it from raising money for or sharing in funds raised for outside organizations not directly affiliated with it.  This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, religious groups, political groups, and unaffiliated nonprofit organizations.  Any such group should seek other locations for fundraising activities.



            Dates are held for Department of Music concerts the following quarter until after the second week of the current quarter (e.g., Spring quarter dates are held until two weeks into Winter quarter).  Concerts and recitals should be booked for the following quarter by these dates to ensure that you get the most desirable dates.  After the second week, dates will be opened up to the rest of the department and the University.

           Please provide all required information in your request on the calendar.    

           Other deadlines regarding publicity for your event are available at

      Scheduling two Department of Music concerts at the same time is discouraged, to avoid musician conflicts and splitting audiences.  If such a conflict is unavoidable, please try your best to schedule across from a very different event than your own to minimize potential performer and audience conflicts.

      Faculty recitals are discouraged in spring quarter due to volume of student recitals.

      Senior Recitals take precedence over other student concerts in spring quarter.

      The Department will make its best effort to accommodate all concert requests, however requests may not be approved due to limited staffing or building availability.